Eleni Maragaki is a visual artist based in Athens, Greece and London, UK. She studied Painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts (2013-2018), exposing herself to various pathways such as, printmaking, sculpture, scenography and new media techniques. She is currently attending an MA Fine Art degree in Central Saint Martins, UAL as a recipient of the Mona Hatoum Bursaries Award. Having lived in Athens, where a variety of shapes, forms and structures are combined, she explores the idea of the city as a human-made social structure. The observation of the urban setting lies in the core of her work, as for her, the city is a landscape where the balance between aesthetics and function is most evident. Her interest platonic theories, examining the duality of the natural and the artificial, is integral to her practice. She often questions how the human, introducing the element of chance and unpredictability, can coexist or contradict with the strict structure of the urban center. Her work was presented in various galleries and museums such as, the Byzantine and Christian Museum of Athens, the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation and the Numismatic Museum of Athens.